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International Author, 
Speaker, Virual Coach
& Neuro-Trainer


We Help You Create The Life You Want!

"Working with Estefinia has had a huge impact on our lives and we would highly recommend her as a brillant coach"

Get To Know Estefania Rieder

Who is Estefania?

Estefania Rieder is an international author, speaker, virtual coach and Neuro-Training expert; specialising in MTHFR gene mutation, optimising fertility and pregnancy. With over 20 years of experience, she has worked with thousands of people across more than 10 countries worldwide, both in English and Spanish.

"Motherhood is a way of life, and one that has served humanity since the beginning. Just like Mother Earth provides for all life on earth, motherhood works similarly, creating life, supporting life and ensuring the continuance of our race.”

What Our Clients Say About Us

"Estefania is a great coach who keeps you on track with firmness, humour and heart. She reconnects you with your talents and strenghts as a woman in a deep and meaningful way.

Birgit Finkbeiner - Germany

"Very Professional and I got fantatic results in just the first session, Estefania is amazing and I highly recommend all her services & health products"

Darren Stephens - Gold Coast Australia

"Estefania unlocked all the wisdom I needed to overcome the challenge to go ahead with the natural birthing I wanted. Her guidance has been a light on a hard road and I know many oothers have been illuminated like me - Eternal Thanks."

Cristina Fumero- General Practitioner

"A great Neuro-Trainer and Nutritional expert, with a bright mind and a generous hart, Estefania is a World-Class back-up for anybody seeking support for their challenges in life. I deeply appreciated her as a colleague and friend and cannot recommend her highly enough"

Gotz Haindorff - Germany

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Who is Estefania Rieder?

Over the past 20 years Estefania  through her consulting, international speaking events, health & wellbeing systems and psychological work has transformed the lives of thousands of people across more than 10 countries worldwide. Today, she shares her wealth of expertise on successful pregnancy, natural birth and critical transitions in life. 

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