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New Book - Soon To Be Released

Preparing for a Successful Pregnancy and Natural Birth Doesn't Have to Be Confusing, Overwhelming, Scary, or Stressful …

In Creating Life, you will discover why everyday people and even royalty seek Estefania out for maximising fertility, preparing for pregnancy and birthing a new life into this world. This book is full of easy and practical advice that will support you on the road to a successful pregnancy and a natural birth.
Estefania Rieder is an international author, speaker, virtual coach and Neuro-Training expert, specialising in MTHFR (gene mutation), optimising fertility and pregnancy. With over 20 years of experience, she has worked with thousands of people across more than 10 countries worldwide, both in English and Spanish. Today, she uses her wealth of expertise to teach, mentor and assist to achieve the greatest experience in life, a successful pregnancy and natural birth.
START TODAY: Pregnancy and Birth Can Be an Enjoyable Experience for You and Your Family!
10% of the books profits will go to the Australian Breastfeeding Organisation

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Who is Estefania Rieder?

Over the past 20 years Estefania  through her consulting, international speaking events, health & wellbeing systems and psychological workhas transformed the lives of thousands of people across more than 10 countries worldwide. Today, she shares her wealth of expertise on successful pregnancy, natural birth and critical transitions in life. 

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